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Major medical insurance plans can provide you with the health insurance you need but don't have access to otherwise. For many people, paying an affordable deductible and premium can help defray the thousands of dollars in medical costs many families face each year. Trust us to help you choose from a broad network of doctors and hospitals. We offer plans with copay options for office visits and prescriptions. Choose from various deductible and coinsurance levels and a range of premiums.

Protect your finances with major medical

• Self-employed

• Not covered by your employer

• Not offered affordable health insurance by your employer

• A retiree not yet eligible for Medicare

• Not employed or unsure when you'll get coverage

• Help with the exchange

You may need major medical if you are:

Put your trust in a company that's dedicated to providing outstanding service and comprehensive insurance solutions to today's consumer. We offer plans to suit any need including disability insurance and long-term care plans. Don't wait until it's too costly to get protection. Call us today.

There are solutions for just about any need

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